Tastes and flavours of Umbrian cuisine and our kitchen.
Steeped in the tastes and flavours that are typical of the Umbrian region, we have deliberately returned to traditional cuisine. To achieve this we use ingredients that are in season, recipes that are enhance the ingredients and good wine that compliments the home-grown products.
Oil is without doubt one of the main components of any dish, this fantastic ingredient is married in an exceptional way with our ‘black pearl' - the truffle. Put together they make a fantastic sauce for a simple meal such as tagliatelle al tartufo. Other natural products which can be found in the abundant woodlands, include wild asparagus, especially prolific around the base of olive trees - put the asparagus heads together with stringozzi (a type of pasta) and you have yet another delicious meal.
Wild mushrooms, (porcini), are particularly delicious roasted and served with stringozzi. For more refined dishes we create savoury soups or fresh and delicate salads of wild mushrooms.
The spit, the grill and the wood burning stove are the cooking methods that we use most frequently. In our culinary heritage pearl barley plays an important role, cooked and served with lashings of olive oil and accompanied by croutons or served simply in a salad. Broad beans, chickpeas, and French beans are eaten in the same manner, providing simple but delicious and nutritious dishes. Chicory, peppers, tomatoes, fennel, and celery are more of the core ingredients that enrich our table, creating multicoloured salads mixed with a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil.
Umbrian cuisine, tasty and rich in flavour, uses white bread that is baked without using salt. Eaten with a simple sauce produces delicious results. Such as the famous bruschetta; which has a base of a slice of toasted bread and is topped with olive oil and pureed vegetable such as tomato, mushroom, truffles, black olive, green olives etc. The most classic of all bruschetta is that with freshly pressed olive oil, when you can still taste the flavour and smell of the fruit from the trees.


The Restaurant is located in the restored part of the ancient monastery, an ideal place to spend a relaxing and convivial evening. The living room at San Vito is cosy and welcoming and provides an excellent space to sit around and chat with friends or family.

Most of our first course are made from pasta fresca (fresh pasta) that is made on the premises in the traditional way. The flavour of our stringozzi and other specialties comes from the excellent quality of our ingredients.

The main courses are cooked principally ‘alla brace' which means that it is grilled over embers that have been pulled from a hot fire. Meats are cooked this way and served with salads that have been picked the same day or with cooked vegetables. The climate allows us to grow our vegetables completely naturally (outside), they are not only used as a side plate but also as the main course.
A typical traditional dish would be baked courgette or aubergine, baked tomatoes stuffed with rice or breadcrumbs, roast potatoes or peppers ‘ alla brace' etc.

Scrumptious deserts are produced with great skill at the hands of the lady of the house . Pastries of various types, in the traditional style and other important deserts of the region that vary from season to season.

The restaurant is open every evening, you can book by phoning 0743 53737